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Zine Flyer Exchange
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This community has been created by izalice [formerly west_end_belle], creator of Ingleside News and Orange & Blue zines, now pursuing many other zine projects. Please check 'em out!

Flyer exchange is a great way to promote your zine. You send a pack of flyers promoting your zine to other zinesters for them to pass them on when mailing out their zine, and they send some of their flyers for your to do the same.

Zine flyers should be about 1/4 or 1/6 of the size of a letter page (8" X 11") or legal page (8" X 14"). They can be photocopied, stamped, handwritten, in black & white or color..... just make sure you describe your zine a little on it, mention which type of zine it is (personal, political, music, etc), and include the postal address, an e-mail address, the price of the zine and your website URL if you have one. You can also send in stickers, provided they feature some info as to what it is about and how to reach you, adress, URL - I've stuck quite a few around this town already!

This community is not for advertizing for your zine per se. There are MANY other communities for that like zine_scene for example. This is strictly for flyer trading which means: you post your mailing address, or an email where we can reach you to obtain it, and people who read this community are free to send you flyers in the mail, which you will pass on with your zines. If you send flyers to someone, expect them to send you about the same amount you sent them. You are free to mention how many flyers you'd like to receive / can handle. Personally, you can send me as many as you'd like. I have many zines out and I am constantly mailing zines out almost every day, and I still run out of flyers. Address all flyers to: Iza Bourret, 5591-B St-Laurent, Lévis QC G6V 3V6 CANADA. Thanks.


Disclaimer: The people who post their postal address in here are aware they might receive a substantial amount of flyers to distribute. I am not responsible for anything sent to you or any trouble resulting in posting your address on the internet. (If you're not sure, use a postal box or just post your e-mail)

I hope a lot of zinesters will participate in this!!!! Thank you!!!!!

- izalice, updated 2 Nov 2005

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